Empower Yourself: Embracing Strength as a Way of Life

 The word training is not a new word, people have been using it since the archaic period. movement meaning the process of preparation for some task. but here the main task is fitness and conditioning our body for sports and games. it is for this reason that this term is prevalently used in sports. here, it is called sports of training. the concepts of training and sportsman's preparation are seen to coincide, but the terms are not identical. preparation of broader both in terms and volume and content. in fact, preparation is a complex process that directly influences the Sportsman's development and ensures the necessary degree of readiness for success. this complex system includes sports training, sports competition (as a form of preparation), special nutrition, etc. Sports training it is the main component and the basis of preparing the sportsman for a competition. in other words, it is a systematically planned preparation which the help of various exercises. the of content training includes all the basic types of preparation required for the sportsman. systematic training improves an athlete's fitness level. it is the basis of his/her preparedness for sports achievements. the physical exercise which are used in training has an impressive effect on the physical development on an athlete. 

Strength definition, types, and methods of improving strength-isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic


strength is the ability of the muscles to overcome resistance. it is an essential element or component of physical fitness.

According to Berrow and Mcgee, strength is the capacity of the whole body oe of any of its parts to exert force.''

According to Mathews, ''Muscular strength is the force that a muscle or group of muscles can exert agent a resistance in one maximum effort.''

strength can also be defined as the force a muscle or muscle group can exert. strength of the body can be measured in pounds or dynes. A certain level of strength is essential for a common man whereas, for a sportsman, it is the most essential component. 
some evocations or sports may require less amount od strength while other avocations or sports may require more power.

Types of Strength 

different types of sports require different types of strength. so for better understanding strength can be dived into the following types.

1. Dynamic strength: dynamic strength can be called isotonic strength because it is related to, movements. in pull-us and push we required dynamic strength. while performing such a workout. there is a diminishing tendency in dynamic strength as a result. after some time muscles refuse to do work. At this juncture, an individual is not able to do even extra pull-ups or push-ups. movements are clearly visible when someone used dynamic strength. in each sports movement. strength appears in a different form. generally, dynamic strength can be divided into three parts

1. Maximum strength 
2. Explosive strength 
3 Strength Endurance 

1: Maximum strength: it is the ability to work against maximum resistance. maximum strength is not used in the majority of sports. it is usually used in those sports where heavy resistance is to be tackled, e.g., weightlifting shot-put, hammer throw, discus throw, javelin throw, in other sports, maximum strength is required for a short period, e.g., cross position in Roman rings in gymnastic, starting and accelerating phases in sprinting events and take off in long jump, high jump, triple jump and in pole-vault. in such sports, maximum strength is very important.

2. Explosive strength: Explosive strength can be defined as the ability to overcome resistance with high speed. in fact, it is a combination of strength and speed abilities, Explosive strength is generally used in sprint starts. weightlifting, shot-put, hammer throw, discus throw, javelin throw, long jump, high jump, triple jump, and pole vault. to a certain extent, it is also used in endurance events. specifically in the start and spurt phase. in the sports mentioned above, this force is applied just like an explosion, owing to this reason, it is called explosive power.

Strength Endurance: it is the combination and endurance abilities. strength endurance can be defined as the ability to overcome resistance or to act against resistance under conditions or fatigue. it can be a form of static or dynamic strength depending on the fact whether the movement is static. or dynamic. strength endurance is commonly used in long-distance races, swimming, road cycling, pole vault and.
 combative sports. so, it can be said that strength endurance is usually applied in most sports 

Static strength: Static exercise is also called isometric strength. it can be the ability of muscles to act against resistance. static strength can be measured by a dynamometer. this type of strength is not seen directly. static strength is not usually applied in sports but in weightlifting, it is used in phases.

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