Eating for weight control -A healthy weight .the pitfalls of dieting, food intolerance and food myths

Meaning of health weight

usually an individual who has healthy weight leads a healthy life with a reduced risk of diseases. it meaning that if an individual has a healthy weight, he can lead a healthy life. on the other hand, if an individual has an unhealthy be it underweight or over weight he/she it is not able to lead a healthy life.

according to national institute of health, A healthy weight is considered to be the one that is between 19 and 25 BMI. if the BMI is between 25 and 29 an adult is considered over weight. if the BMI is 30 or greater, the person is considered to be obese. in the simple worlds, it can also be said that a healthy weight it that weight which lowers an individuals risk for various healthy problems such as hearth disease, stroke, high blood there are usually two popular methods to find out or calculate the healthy weight,

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